Halfbike II – A Pedal-powered Segway Hybrid!

Halfbike II Halfbike II

This video shows the latest version of the Halfbike, a three-wheeled vehicle similar to a pedal-powered Segway, designed by transport design company Kolelinia. Kolelinia founders Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov unveiled the first low-tech version of the Halfbike last year and have now launched a new iteration with a curved aluminium frame on Kickstarter.

Halfbike II – A Pedal-powered Segway Hybrid!

Halfbike II users stand up while peddling, shifting their bodyweight left or right to change direction while holding a vertical handle.The aim is to improve the rider’s balance, while offering a fun way to navigate city streets.

The Halfbike II has a curved aluminium base frame, rather than the chevron-shaped support of its predecessor. The frame connects a plywood handlebar, large front wheel, pedals, a cog and chain mechanism, and two smaller rear wheels. As another change from the previous design, the handlebar now sits above the front wheel rather that connecting to a frame at the cog axis.

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