‘Hardache’ Honda CB360 By Popbang Classics!

‘Hardache’ Honda‘Hardache’ Honda

This ridiculously cool ‘Hardache’ 1974 Honda CB360 was build by Justin Holmes from Queensland’s Popbang Classics. He started working on this bike by keeping the bike’s original front end, his CB360 motor, the fuel tank and the rear hub. The rest of it got scrapped.

‘Hardache’ Honda CB360 By Popbang Classics!

Up front he used a 23″ Honda XL500 rim laced to a postie bike hub and the rear is an aftermarket mud catcher laced to the CB750 hub that was already on it. For rubber he went with Avon Speedmaster MKII. The bike’s tank had been painted and pinstriped by Kjell (VonPatto) Patterson.

The sissy bar was made by hand out of stainless round bar. The bike’s electronics runs on an updated reg/rec and an Antigravity 4 cell battery to power the lights and coils.

Check it out!!

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