Hardest metal in the world known to men and how it is made

Hardest Metal In The WorldHardest metal in the world isn’t simply just one metal that we can just choose from the many. There are many factors that can influence that decision and many things that we must take into consideration.

Metal is one of the main things that are responsible for the modern world. To put it simply, it is what makes the modern world modern. If you take a step back and think about it, metals are actually everywhere around us. They are 2/3 of all known elements. to be precise.

As our technologies progress every day, we demand materials that are capable of withstanding immense pressure. Of course, we also want those materials to retain their integrity and shape in the process as well. And what materials could do the job better than metals?

But, as I’ve already mentioned, there are thousands of different metals out there. So, it is only natural to hear the question : What is the hardest metal in the world?

Hardest metal in the world known to men and how they are made

Hardest Metal In The WorldWell, if you have asked our ancestors, they would probably have given you a simple answer. Nevertheless, modern discoveries make it difficult for us to do so as well. To get such an answer, you’ll need to frame the question. Does it have to be a natural metal? What’s the difference between hardness and strength? And where there are multiple questions, there are also multiple answers.

For the sake of clarity, “strength” is a tensile strength ( how much force and object can withstand before warping).

The strongest natural metal is tungsten. It has an ultimate strength of  1510 megapascals.

The strongest alloy is steel. Of course, alloys are a constantly changing field but generally, this one, mixed with a few other elements, is the strongest.

The hardest metal is chromium. How can you determine the ‘hardness’ of a mineral? The simple answer is ‘by the Mohs scale’ and scientist define is as ‘the scratch resistance of a mineral’. Diamonds may be the hardest mineral but, the hardest metal is chromium.

The most useful strong metal is titanium. With a strength of 434 MPa, titanium is the perfect mix of practicality and strength.