Harley Davidson motor giving a Vespa its powers – CRAZY!!!

Harley Davidson motorHarley Davidson motor was mated to a Vespa. Talk about extremely weird engine swap…

We have no idea why but, this guy took out the engine of his Vespa and decided to swap it with a Harley Davidson one. A weird swap, indeed.

Harley Davidson motor gives its powers to a Vespa!

What’s even more interesting about this particular situation is that the Harley Davidson engine is rather huge, especially if you compare it to the Vespa. So, it’s not like the engine is stuck ‘in’ but rather ‘on’ that little bike. In fact, you can say that the motor now, represents 1/3 of the bike as a whole. That ought to make you smile!

Finally, a happy end : everything is functional- the Vespa is not something to mess with, is it?