Harley Davidson Truck – Cool way to load you Harley Bike!!!

Harley Davidson TruckHarley Davidson Truck!!!

What we have right here, is a custom 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty Harley Davidson diesel pickup truck! Its red hot exterior is appealing enough, but wait till you see the special skill this custom pickup truck has to offer! It has something to do with the bed and some hydraulics.

Harley Davidson Truck

This dump bed is brilliant and is perfect for those who need to load and unload the truck frequently! We know that Ford Truck owners are the toughest to please and even though it looks more like a show truck, we know that this is a perfect video for them. This thing was bought at the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company in Las Vegas.

Harley Davidson Truck Custom 2004 Ford F-350!!!

Check out the Harley Davidson Truck video below to see its dump bed in action!