Hayabusa powered mini truck shredding tires like a pro!!!

Hayabusa powered mini truckHayabusa powered mini truck roasts the tires!

From golf carts to Smart Cars, the Hayabusa engine can be seen and hear everywhere as it is pretty popular swap for many platforms. However, can the engine find its way into something a little bit different and maybe slightly bigger? The answer would have to be yes,¬†because this time we check out a mini truck that provides some of the most extreme drifting action that we’ve seen in a while and generally, out of such a truck.

Hayabusa powered mini truck shredding tires like a pro

The well-known power plant is mated with that mini truck and together they are pushing the limits in terms of shredding tires, putting on one excellent show for all the bystanders there are. Hayabusa powered mini truck video below! Enjoy!