Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat – the first one ever?

Hellaflush Dodge Challenger HellcatHellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat – are we in for a treat?

Taste in cars comes in all shape and sizes…and forms or even maybe… functions. While the majority of us may be more interested in function, here we have a case that took form-over-function look at the automobile world. To be more precise, the ones who took this Dodge Hellcat in their hands decided it to slam it to the ground. It’s a muscle car that rides itself quite closely to the pavement and it is certainly exciting.

Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat – a muscle car slammed to the ground

However, one flip on the switch and we can see this Hellcat getting back to its stock height in no time. We don’t know about you but, for us, this is something that can’t be seen every day.¬†Hellaflush Dodge Challenger Hellcat video below!