Supercharged V8 Engine In a Jeep Wrangler By Dakota Customs!

Hellcat Jeep WranglerHellcat Jeep Wrangler

We’ve seen the supercharged V8 engine installed in a variety of different platforms, it was inevitable that someone would plant one in a Jeep. Dakota Customs is the place to go for V8 Hemi engine swaps into Jeeps.

Supercharged V8 Engine In a Jeep Wrangler By Dakota Customs!

This can be done to your Jeep also for a price of $56,000. They will custom fit your Jeep with an SRT Hellcat engine that makes over 700 horsepower. Within the price, you’ll also get a new engine components like a new fuel pump and headers to make sure the transition sticks.

This 707hp Hellcat Wrangler is only available through Dakota Customs.

Check it out!

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