Hilarious blind prank gives drivers major fright – MUST SEE!!

Hilarious blind prankHilarious blind prank – imagine, while you’re driving on the road, seeing a blind man with a cane sticking out of his window,┬ádriving unsteadily in the traffic. It’s time for a panic attack , right?

Hang around the Internet long enough and you’re probably going to run into an extremely funny Youtuber, Remi Gaillard. He’s not only EXTREMELY funny but, also EXTREME. Some of his pranks are running onto a professional football match pretending to be a real player and crashing at Mr. Universe competition without training- you get the point.

Hilarious blind prank gives drivers major fright

Until now, we can say that he has gained himself a legendary status and his latest prank is probably the best of them all. In this video, he is driving an old Peugeot with a blind man’s cane in his hand while driving erratically with the other. The most surprising part is that nobody dared to pull him over! Hilarious blind prank video below!

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