Homeless veteran teaches us a humanity lesson!

Homeless veteran teachesHomeless veteran teaches us what we can call a lesson of a lifetime.

First of all, this started as a social experiment and ended in the most heartwarming way. The guys that are doing the experiment got all creative and decided to park a Camaro on one side of the street in a good and a bad neighborhood. They put couple of hundred dollars on the dashboard of the Camaro and left the windows open just to see if people would take them as they pass by the car.

Homeless veteran teaches us a great lifelesson

The majority of the people that saw the money took them and only one person caught on camera doesn’t like to give them back after it was explained to him that he is part of a social experiment. However, then comes the homeless veteran. At first it looks like he is also one of the folks that want to steal the money but, when one of the guys doing the experiment comes up to him and explains him what this is all about everyone are left with their mouths wild open.

What this veteran did is probably going to make you cry. He just took the money from the dashboard and put them in the compartment. Homeless veteran teaches video below! Check it out.