Homemade 2 Stroke V8 Engine… Imagine That!!

Homemade 2 Stroke V8 EngineHomemade 2 Stroke V8 Engine

Every once in a while, we come across a jaw-dropping engine.

This was not a Ferrari or a freaking helicopter engine, it was an old boat engine and believed or not, these guys made a 2 Stroke V8 Engine only after a few hours in the work shop. The expansion chambers are homemade, the original exhaust is milled away and the engine block is filled whit plastic.

Homemade 2 Stroke V8 Engine… Imagine That!!

The engine was made by a performance outboards company in Västerås, Sweden, called VM Performance, and rumors suggest it’s destined for a Volvo drag car.

Here’s a video of the engine in action.

Listen and enjoy!!