Hot Rod Formula – “The great Depression”!!!

Hot Rod FormulaHot Rod Formula. This hot rod named “The Great Depression” is owned and built by James Schwartz. There is no doubt that this Ford model A from the 30’s is a masterpiece. It’s packing a Honda F20C – S2000 engine under the hood. YES don’t freak out!! S2000 engine under the hood!!

Hot Rod Formula

Hot Rod Formula called “The great Depression” a unique Hot Rod built by James Schwartz!

It is strange to see an S2000 cluster in this type of chassis, isn’t it? The builder has further plans for it, turbo plans! At first glance, the upside-down mirrors, the tires and the steering wheel quick release look little odd but you know-odd is gold! It’s still work in progress, but it is amazing. Check it out!