How a steam engine works and the history behind it?!?

how a steam Engine worksHow a steam engine works? Well, it’s not rocket science but, we do need to go a little in time to fully understand everything that a steam engine stands for.

Can you imagine living off water and coal and still be able to run at over 100 mph? Well, that’s pretty much the life of a locomotive. They are giant mechanical dinosaurs that are not pretty extinct from most of the railroads in the world. Nevertheless, steam technology never really died. It still lives in people’s hearts as such locomotives still run as tourist attractions on many railways. They aren’t as advanced as today’s technology but, we can’t allow ourselves to forget them.

Steam engines power steam locomotives and they deserve to be remembered. First of all, they managed to swept the world through the Industrial Revolution. They rank with airplanes, cars, radio, telephones, and television – the greatest inventions of the human race. All of them are marvels of machinery but we want to know exactly how a steam engine works.

How a steam engine works and the history behind it

how a steam Engine worksWhat powers a steam engine?

Energy is all around us as it takes many forms. Everything that you can think of doing requires a certain amount of energy- skateboarding, flying, walking or driving a car. Nowadays, most of the energy we use for transportation comes from oil. Needless to say, this wasn’t always the case. Coal used to be the world’s favourite fuel until the early 20th century. This thing powered everything from ships to trails. There are many reasons why coal is so special but one of the most important is that it still is relatively inexpensive. Due to the fact that it was widely available, it made sense to use it in such amount.

Lumps of coal are actually lumps of energy. When coal burns of fire, its energy is released in a form of heat. Of course, cleaner fossil fuels contain much more energy, like diesel and gasoline. That’s why steam engines have to burn a bigger amount of it. So, how does a steam engine work? Check out to video to find out more about it!