How bullets are made , how they work and why they do damage !

How bullets are madeHow bullets are made seems to be the most interesting part of their existence. Of course, the science behind them is essential and that why the makers need to take everything into consideration. Needless to say, you can’t be careful enough with such matters.

When people found out how bullets are made, the history changed so much. As a matter of fact it would be safe to say that there is no other single invention that changed the word as much as explosives did. The power behind all the missiles, bombs and chemical explosives have made possible most of the great wars this Earth has seen. So much, that it actually altered the course of life time and time again.

Before we found out how bullets are made, people had to fight the enemies hand-to-hand. Now, we don’t even need so see the enemy, let alone touch him. Dropping bombs, shooting from submarines and launching rockets – we have thought of everything. However, we all started will how bullets are made. The technology is pretty much he same as it was 1000 years ago.

How bullets are made , how they work and why they do damage !

How bullets are madeWhy bullets do damage?

Let’s start with basic physics: as we all know, a moving subject has momentum. The momentum is a product of its velocity and mass. Thus, the faster something moves the heavier it gets. As it gets heavier it gets more momentum. For example, a truck trundling along slowly, weight so much and has a lot of momentum. Such is the case with bullets. They may not be very heavy but, they go very fast. In this process they gain kinetic energy and a fair bit of it. They do damage when they transfer their energy to the target they hit.

How bullets are made and how they work!

How bullets are made

Lead is the center of the universe when it comes to making bullets. Bullets have outside jacket that we usually make of harder metal, for example, copper alloy. The outside jacket protects the lead (lead core) that is inside during its launch. However, it’s not that simple.

When it comes to how bullets are made, we need to think of what we’re expecting from the bullet. The first thing that it needs to do is be in one piece when it hits the target. That’s why the most common material used for the outside jacket is copper alloy. It is easy to form yet, it is hard enough to preserve the lead core.

Furthermore, the lead density depends on the kind of bullet we want to make. If we’re going for a small bullet, we’ll want a thing lead wire. On the other hand, if we want to make a bigger bullet, we need to use thick lead wire.

When all of that is taken into account, we make the copper jacket and fit the lead core in it. This requires great attention. If the lead were to shrink in the copper jacket it would leave an air pocket. Thus, the bullet will be unbalanced and inaccurate. Check it out!