How It’s Made – Remolded Truck Tires!!

Remolded Truck TiresRemolded Truck Tires

This amazing Wallet-Thickening procedure that turns old truck tires into new ones is a must see.

Technology nowadays moved forward in so many directions, even the issue with the used truck tires is resolved. While some of you know that this technology exists for quite some time, for others this process is a whole new experience!

How It’s Made – Remolded Truck Tires!!

Before they start the process of remolding the used tires, they are first inspected to see if they fit the standards. If the tire pass the inspection, they move on to the buffing machine. If the tire fails the inspection, it is thrown in a reservoir with toxic leeching benefits.

The interesting and very informative video below shows the complete process of remolding and regrooving tires!

Check it out!