How to build a drift trike, step by step, all by yourself!

How to build a drift trikeHow to build a drift trike all by yourself!

I don’t think that there is a grown-up vehicle that can match the thrill of riding something like this, A drift trike reminds us of our childhood and all the shenanigans that come with it. We made mistakes, we fell off our bikes, and we had no idea what we’re doing when riding but, there is something about that 3-wheeler that doesn’t let you forget any of it.

Sure, cars and motorcycles are fun but, the truth is, they are pretty serious machines. You can have fun with them but, it’s unmatchable.

How to build a drift trike, step by step, all by yourself!

How to build a drift trikeFor those of you who lived under the rock so far, a drift trike is a tricycle that has slick rear wheels. Normally, it is made from a hard plastic material but, as everything else in this word, that varies too. Usually, we ride drift trikes on paved roads, favorably, with a steep downhill and corners. Otherwise, smooth roads are also more preferable as to let the wheels last longer and go faster.

Normally, riders gather momentum through gravity. Nevertheless, we people are curious creatures so, there are also many drift trikes that have got pedals. Of course, because that wasn’t good enough for us, now, we invented the motorized drift trikes. The speed that these drift trikes reach also varies so, we can’t really just say a number and do with it.

In the video below, we’re checking out one way to build your own motorized drift trike. What kind of engine should we choose, what type of wheels and rims and everything around it. It may be a lot of work, but in the end it’ll pay off with all the fun you’ll have. Check out the video and enjoy!