How to decrease fuel consumption – Save up to 60% fuel with this system!

How to decrease fuel consumptionHow to decrease fuel consumption and how to increase our savings have always been a main topic of many conversations. Of course, decreasing fuel consumption, means more money for you and as money actually rules the world, we are eager to find out how.

There are many ways to increase your savings by decreasing fuel consumption and there are many articles saying ” How to decrease fuel consumption” on the Internet. Some of them work, some of them don’t. The really important thing though, is this : Are you willing to try?

How to decrease fuel consumption – Save up to 60% fuel with this system!

How to decrease fuel consumptionIf you want to try and you want to be Eco-friendly, then surely, you’ll find a system or a way that works out the best for you. This particular system that we’re checking out today is a peculiar one. Grant is the guy that practically invented it and according to him, using this system will save up to 60 % fuel. It seems like rocket science at first and the numbers are also pretty confusing. Saving 60 % fuel is a lot and we don’t know if it is manageable.

Nevertheless, to achieve that, Grant turned his 1998 Ford Explorer Sports into a water hybrid. Basically, what he did is decreased fuel consumption with a hydrogen on demand hybrid. So the guy that can answer the question ” How to decrease fuel consumption” is probably this one.

The first and cheapest part of Grant’s economical system is distilled water mixed with one teaspoon of baking soda. The soda here is used as a catalyst. This, additionally, is combined with 12 volts of electricity.

In this manner, the economical system manages to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen. The gas, furthermore, is sent to the combustion chamber. This way, Grant gets a 100% burn in the combustion chamber.

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