How To Install Nitrous Boost Step By Step Tutorial!

How To Install Nitrous BoostHow To Install Nitrous Boost

Nitrous Oxide (N2O, or NOS) is a non-flammable gas that’s used for our purposes as a carrier for oxygen. Mixed with the right proportions of fuel, and fed into the intake, it provides additional combustible material into the cylinders, hence more power.

How To Install Nitrous Boost Step By Step Tutorial!

The nitrous is compressed to high pressure in a tank, in liquid form. From the tank, a hose runs up to the engine bay. From there, an electrically controlled valve called a solenoid is used to release the nitrous into the motor when you request it. At the same time, a fuel line in a “wet system,” is controlled by another solenoid, and releases fuel into the motor. This provides the basic mechanism for the nitrous system.

Check out the video below for an interesting step by step tutorial on how to install NOS!!

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