How wire is made – Fiber optics and everything else about them

How wire is madeHow wire is made and everything about optic fiber or even metal wire rarely comes to our mind. We use the Internet and the phone and we hardly ever wonder about the whole process; let alone the small parts of it. Well, those who are interested should definitely start with fiber optics. How wire is made has everything to do with it. But first, let’s start with the basics.

If we want to know how wire is made, we need to know what’s in it for us. An optical fiber is a transparent fiber that’s sightly thicker than a human hair. Optical fibers transmit light the two ends of the fiber; thus, they permit transmission over longer distances. If you get into everything that questions how wire is made, then you’ll find out that optical fiber is better than metal wire in many cases. First of all, the signal in the optical fiber travels with lesser amount of loss. Moreover, such wires are immune to electromagnetic influence which is not the case with the metal wire.

How wire is made – Fiber optics and everything else about them

How wire is madeThere is also another thing that fiber optics are used for: illumination. When you wrap them in bundles they can carry images and allow viewing in confined spaces. Needless, to say there are many sub-types of fiber optics and they all have a variety of applications.

So, how is wire made, is actually how is optic fiber made. Well, the main thing you need to know is that they are made of glass. Nevertheless, one can’t just use any glass s/he wishes. Let’s say that you try making optical fiber from ordinary window glass. They light would have difficult time travelling more than even a few kilometers. The distances that are necessary for long distance transmission are just not an option here. The reason behind it is that such ordinary glass contains discolorations, distortions and other impurities.

To transmit light effectively we need glass of the highest purity. In the process of how wire is made this is highly important and demanding. Why? Well, to make the process happen, we need careful control over the materials and the process overall. It sounds easy in paper but, it’s not as easy where the action is.

This is how wire is made :