Human hoist is the coolest and most practical chair on wheels

Human hoistHuman hoist is an invention that many people have heard of. However, the world still hasn’t got enough information on it. The video below is the latest sneak peak that we can take of the human hoist.

For those of you who still haven’t heard of the human hoist, let’s just say that it’s an invention that could only come from the USA. Of course, you’ll see why. Eric Brittingham and Kevin Ferguson are the two people that stand behind the human hoist. They showed up with their piece of art on Invention USA. After that, we all saw it as the mechanics choice of the 21st century.

The human hoist is basically a creeper that makes getting under vehicles a lot easier that it was so far. And I mean, a lot! With it you can go from a sitting position to laying to the ground. You would say that you could do that but, can you really do it in 4 seconds? That’s what I thought.

Human hoist is the coolest and most practical chair on wheels

Human hoistNeedless to say, the human hoist is a major time saver. Furthermore, it would definitely eliminate the need for a second mechanic handling the tools. It’s insane how it could speed up production.

We may not know much about it but, we do know it is powered by a 18 volt rechargeable battery. In addition, it features built in hydraulics and spring torsion to provide full automation and adjustments at every level you desire. The thing just looks like a lot of fun, even if you’re not using it that much.

Unfortunately, there is no way to order a human hoist and we still don’t know how much one would cost. By the looks of it, however, we can’t say that it would be cheap. Hopefully, they will start selling them in the near future. This invention will surely be a big success, that’s for sure! Check it out in action!