Hydraulic valves – various types and functions explained!

Hydraulic valvesHydraulic valves direct the flow of a liquid medium and determine the fluid line in hydraulic systems. They determine the flow of the fluid thanks to the position of a spool. This system cannot function if there are no valves to take control of the flow. Thus, choosing the correct hydraulic valve is essential and a critical process when it comes to such systems. There are correct types of hydraulic valves to serve a particular purpose.

Furthermore, hydraulic valves have different sizes and shapes. To choose the correct size, first you need to take into consideration the maximum flow of the hydraulic system. Moreover, we determine the type of valve depending on the maximum pressure in the hydraulic system as well. As the valve is one of the most important parts that maintain the pressure and the flow, it is only natural to be careful when picking up one.

Hydraulic valves – various types and functions explained!

Pilot Operated Relief ValveAs we already mentioned there are many different types of hydraulic valves. We usually call them hydraulic components. Because there are so many types of hydraulic valves, we divided them into 3 main categories: Direction control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. Their names are pretty much self-explanatory. In addition, there are also sub-divisions of these categories.

All valves are different thus, they all function in a variety of ways. The directional control valve passes on the pressure in an orderly way, while the check valves allow free flow in one direction. Pressure control vales, on the other hand, switch when particular pressure is applied.

So, to find out how all these types of hydraulic valves work, check out the video below. The video explains everything in a simple fashion. Mind that all the valves have various names so, don’t get confused!