Insane drifting on the streets of Detroit – MDU Drift!

insane driftingInsane drifting on the streets of Detroit – MDU Drift! Midwest Drift Union has few goals: to provide a platform that will allow veteran drivers the opportunity to make it to the next level (Formula D), to give new drivers the seat time they need, and to provide a whole lot of entertainment along the way! Their events are ran so that each driver will be able to run out of tires before the day’s out. They’re all about practice, building better drivers, and having fun with insane drifting!

Insane drifting on the streets of Detroit – MDU Drift!

The first round of the Midwest Drift Union Formula D Pro Am Series was at Gateway Motorsports Park in May. Gateway is a fast and fun course just outside of St Louis. These are the best drivers in the Midwest competing for their chance at the professional level. The top three placing drivers of the series will be rewarded with a Formula Drift Pro 2 License.

Nearly ten drivers were in a legitimate contention for a Formula Drift Pro 2 license coming into the final round. As the drivers settled in for the final meeting of the year, only 11 points separated the third through seventh spot in the points, making the importance of scoring well at this round even more critical as drivers attempted to snag a Pro 2 license for 2017.

These drivers are professionals, but when you’re drifting in high speed, anything can happen. 🙂 One of them collected the GoPro camera that was set on the side of the track to record the action closely. Other crashed against a stop sign and one unfortunate tree, so they had to pull the car away with chains. All in all, it’s an amazing video to see. You’ll admire all the insane drifting action and wish you were there!