Italian sports cars. The Rare Righini collection

Italian sports cars.Italian sports cars. Rare collection

There’s a 15th century castle in Modena, Italy, called Castello di Panzano and it’s no ordinary castle. It’s the home of one of the most glorious car collection called the Collezione Righini.
This collection is full of Italian sports cars including Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Ferraris and several important Formula 1 cars.

Italian sports cars. The Rare Righini collection

There’s also the very first car Enzo Ferrari built after he left Alfa Romeo, the Auto Avio Costruzioni Type 815.
This is a private collection that’s truly unique and unlike anything you’ve seen!!

The current owner is Mario Righini and he lives in the castle with his family. Most of the cars were colected by Mario’s father, during the World War 2.

At that time their family had a scrap yard, so the goverment was sending them seized vehicles to be torn down for their valuable materials, but Mario’s fater was a wise man and saved many of the cars, he though they should not be destroyed! Smart man indeed.

We cannot talk about price, because some of these cars are timeless and super rare, and most of them are in their original condition… so you can’t guess how much would some of them worth to someone, until they are auctioned… but for now i don’t think that will happen.

Check out this beautiful collection…

Some more of the cars