James Carroll ‘s buggy is one vicious drifter!

James CarrollJames Carroll ‘s drift buggy is definitely something that we would try out.

We definitely agree that professional drift cars are the real deal but, homemade custom vehicles do carry around with them a special kind of beauty. So, today, we’re showing you a custom-made drift buggy that you probably going to like a lot.

James Carroll ‘s buggy is mean!

As far as we know, this is the second buggy that James Carroll has personally made and it does seem like something that was made to have fun with. It’s equipped with racing steering wheel and seat, uses rack steering and hydraulic handbrake, gas a rev clock and digital speed. This buggy’s maximum speed is 120 mph and it goes from o to 60 in 4 seconds only.  Now watch it doing donuts while drift-driving on a wet, slippery surface.