Jason Statham was not always an actor! Check out what he did before that!

Check out what Jason Statham used to work before acting!

Jason Statham was not always an actor! There are many famous actors who started their career doing different jobs instead of acting. Some of them were singers, models, exotic dancers, waiters, even drug dealers! (Yes, I’m referring to Jay Z). Not that there’s anything shameful in that, hard work is hard work, and I’m glad that some of us have the opportunity to rise and shine, and get rich and world famous.

But letโ€™s talk about the previous job of an action hero, martial arts expert, and one of the most badass actor today โ€“ Jason Statham. Believe it or not, before his acting career Jason starred as a background dancer in music videos! It is unimaginably funny!! This made my day! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, next time when you watch an action movie with Jason, try to imagine him dancing. Have fun!