Jet kart, because regular karts are boooring!

Jet kartJet kart!

Colin Furze is an English plumber, stuntman, inventor and filmmaker. He uses his plumbing and engineering experience to build many contraptions, including a wall of death, the world’s longest motorbike, the world’s fastest stroller made with turbojet engines and a jet-powered motorcycle made with pulsejet engines. The latest on his list of jet-powered vehicles is this mental jet-kart!

Jet kart, because regular karts are boooring!

When Colin decides to turn his attention to go-karts, then be sure that it’s not about the regular ones. He strapped a jet-engine to one of them to make things insane and “flammable”. His Jet Kart runs on gas and diesel and its top speed is 60 mph. According to him, it could be even faster but, the airstrip wasn’t long enough so he couldn’t test it. Check out this wicked invention in action in the video below!