Jet powered Chevy pickup truck that can go 375mph!

Jet powered ChevyThis Jet powered Chevy pickup truck can go 375mph! This beast was built by retired businessman Neal Darnell and his goal was for the Chevy to be able to outrun a plane! That’s why the top speed of the Chevy is almost 400mph! Along with his son, Neal Darnell took a US Navy trainer jet engine which has 12,000 horsepower and can go 0-60 in one and a half seconds. And he built the truck around that.

Jet powered Chevy pickup truck!

Darnell has been involved in motor sports most of his live and in 2002, he decided to buy a Chevrolet S10 replica which came fitted with a Pratt & Whitney jet engine. Neal had to face the huge Gs that an engine like this would put out so he would be able to race it. After he got used with his eyes being pushed to the back of his head Neal Darnell got the required licenses from both IHRA Drag Racing and NHRA. Check out this crazy jet powered Chevy!