How to Operate a Jet-Powered Hayabusa!

Jet-Powered HayabusaJet-Powered Hayabusa

How do you make the fastest motorcycle in the world even faster? Simple, you equip it with a F14-Sourced Jet Turbine Engine!

Tony Pandolfo is an engineer that fitted the Hayabusa with an AlliedSignal jet fuel starter (JFS) sourced from an early-model F-14 jet fighter. The JFS runs on K2 Kerosene or Jet A fuel and comes complete with an afterburner.

How to Operate a Jet-Powered Hayabusa!

Having a jet engine of course means it’s automatic, and because of this, Pandoflo says that anyone who can ride a scooter can ride it.

It is just like a Hayabusa except it sounds like an F14 fighter jet charging down the runway.

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