Jet powered skateboard looks dangerously fun to ride!

Jet powered skateboardJet powered skateboard or a jet powered longboard is just part of The Hacksmith’s project to build an Iron Man-like flight suit. In the process of learning how some jet propulsion techniques work, he and his crew decided to do something on the side. In their effort to created a jetpack, they took a bit of a detour. They have created a jet powered system to make skateboarding a lot easier. Who needs an electric skateboard when you have a jet powered skateboard?

The Hacksmith and his team actually found a spare utility belt. Then they designed mounting brackets for the belt and printed out those brackets with a 3D printer. In addition, the jet themselves have electric ducted fans that are quite common among those who are using RCs a lot. Just like that, they built themselves a propulsive belt. This belt is, of course, strong enough to move both the skateboard and the rider.

Jet powered skateboard looks dangerously fun to ride!

Jet powered skateboardThe belt would actually propel around a 360-degree swing and a huge one indeed. Of course, James, the Hakcsmith shows us exactly how he constructed the belt at the :17 mark. We can see all the components, including wiring, batteries, and other digital components. After that, he thoroughly explains and describes the project itself. In the end, we see the jet powered skateboard in action. It flies across various bike paths and neighborhood streets like a pro. You don’t even have to put a foot on the ground!

Additionally, the video highlights the desire of the team to get engines to power things. It is obvious that the crew is working hard on the Iron Man suit and we hope they will reach their goal. Even if they don’t, they surely have made a lot of such things that will justify their effort. Check it out!