Jetovator – The perfect hydro bike for crazy shenanigans in water!

JetovatorJetovator is a 3-jet hydro bike designed by Jetavation Inc.It can fly 50-feet in the air and dive underwater.

What provides the power is the PWC and it follows behind the Jetovator. In addition, we have to mention the hose is used as a tether. This thing is much like water skiing or wakeboarding but here, the accessory is towing the boat and not the other way around.

The hose is 66 feet long and it is attached to the PWC via a thrust adapter. Moreover, it re-directs the jet thrust 180 degrees ( to the front of the PWC). You decide whether to keep the thrust adapter or not – the PWC will still function normally.

To operate, the standard Jetovator requires 2 people. One is the rider on the Jetovator that controls the height and direction. The other one is actually the rider of the PWC that controls the throttle. It does sound complicated but, it’s not that difficult to master. The rider of the PWC just adjusts the throttle to  80% of full power and holds it there. That is until the Jetovator rider is ready to hop off.

Jetovator – The perfect hydro bike for crazy shenanigans in water

JetovatorWhen it comes to tourist destinations,it is the ideal rental vehicle if you have a trained PWC operator. Additionally, the PWC rider can cut the throttle whenever h/she finds necessary. This will come in handy whenever the Jetovator rider comes close to another object in the water. Naturally, the PWC operator can be of an immediate assistance if any problems arise.

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not extremely difficult to get an understanding of how the Jetovator works. This thing provides a huge stability and just about anyone can train to operate it. In fact, a regular person would need about 20 minutes to learn how to operate it proficiently and safely.

When it comes to speed, the Jetovator can reach a top speed of 25 mph when going forward. Also, it is a comfortable type of vehicle, even for longer distances. Keep in mind that this thing is limited a height of 40 feet. Moreover, it can dive underwater but that has to be brief.

Surely, skilled riders even do various tricks with it. Check it out in the video below!