Joystick bike replaces the ubiquitous handlebars with a joystick!

Joystick bikeJoystick bike is an amazing invention that offers a whole new type of a ride!

Bikes come in various forms. Nevertheless, when it comes to the handlebars of a bike, they are just a vital components, no matter the type of bike we’re talking about. From the standard 10-speed, to the lean-back recumbent and the cargo hauler, the handlebars are a simple means of control and steering.

As the name itself suggests, the Joystick bike replaces the bars with a right-hand joystick. Thus, it delivers control that makes the riding a bit more like playing a video game or flying and aircraft.

The Swiss inventor of the Joystick Bike, Yvan Forclaz, wanted to create a more fun way of riding a bike. The result is a joystick steering system that a represents a new form of connection with the road.

Joystick bike replaces the ubiquitous handlebars with a joystick!

Joystick bikeThe rider of the Joystick bike wraps his fingers around a joystick on the right side instead of the regular handlebars. When s/he moves the joystick left or right he steers the front wheel via a mechanical connection. Simply put, right and left movement translates into bike control.

Forclaz also explains that the handle of the left side isn’t a second joystick. It’s not used for steering but for electric motor control, gear shifting and assisting stability when stopped. In addition, he says that it is possible to eliminate the left handle and just add those functions to the right joystick.

The Joystick bike was first shown at the 2015 International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. They presented it as a electric-assist recumbent with a 72 V battery pack and a rear-mounted 400-watt electric drive. It can reach a speed of 37 mph. Check out the Joystick bike prototype in action and see how to manage it!