Jump drift that became legendary – Daigo Saito at Ebisu!

jump driftJump drift

Highway night drift is cool but there’s always something that’s cooler in a sense. So, wait until you get a load of this. Daigo Saito, during round 5 of 2011 D1 Grand Prix series pulled off a breath-taking drift jump at Ebisu Circuit in Japan. The video is old and not all of you will be fascinated by the action due to the fact that we’ve seen drift jumps however, Saito’s jump is just legendary.

Jump drift – at its finest!

All that was needed was Daigo’s Toyota Chaser JZX100 that produces around 800 HP, 5 sets of new tires and 50 cameras. It’s not a lot but, it may be enough to make Ken Block look like an amateur just for a few seconds.