Kakimoto Racing’s Honda NSX is the ultimate head-turner!


The Kakimoto Racing’s Honda NSX is a very distinctive car, even though you can’t see that at first.

Big aero and big power are the two essential attributes that time-attack cars are required to have these days. If you want to go fast you need to have power, and when you have it, you need to make sure that it is efficiently unleashed. In the last few years, we have been able to see the progression of the sport, witnessing lap times coming down, amazed by seeing the seemingly impossible things being achieved. However, these cars that do “miracles” are usually way too advanced and we also have to pay attention to the more down-to-earth creations.

Such a vehicle is this one and the fact that it’s a NSX makes it even more special. Also, what makes it even more down-to-earth is that Kakimoto Racing never wanted to market their parts. That’s why the panels are one-offs for this car and the custom body isn’t for sale. This NSX may not be as advanced as some time-attack cars out there but it’s a hell of a creation.  You can see the NSX and take a tour of the Kakimoto Racing shop in the video below and find out what this car is made of.

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