Kanjozoku street racers are Osaka’s night fighters

Kanjozoku street racersKanjozoku street racers and all the secretes of Osaka’s infamous street racing.

Racing is a lifestyle and a culture not just hanging out on Friday nights and like it or not it isn’t happening on tracks only. Street racing is incredibly dangerous and thus, illegal but, even that doesn’t stop people from doing it. ¬†This time, we take a look at a Japanese group from Osaka, called the Kanjozoku, which claims to be a bit responsible for JMD.

Kanjozoku street racers – the ones responsible for JMD

Make no mistake; these folks are amazingly serious about what they are doing and what they bring to the community. They plan on keeping intact and pass down everything to future generations. The name of the group comes from a route known as Kanjo Рa 4.77 mile long loop of connected sideways. Check out the video and find out what they are all about because, well, who wants to miss a journey with Bowls Films? Kanjozoku street racers video below!