Kawasaki bicycle – a notorious and loud motorized bike!

Kawasaki bicycleKawasaki bicycle – a one of a kind motorized bike!

We all love two-wheelers. Some of us tend to use bicycles more and some want the more notorious version – a motorbike. But what happens when you mix both? Well, to be honest, we were already familiar with the term “motorized bicycle”. We’ve seen many models and designs and we find the idea simple and fascinating. You fit an engine into a motorcycle and you no longer have to use the pedals so much. In fact, many of such designs free you from all the pedaling there is.

Today, we’re checking out a Kawasaki bicycle – the name is pretty much self- explanatory.

Kawasaki bicycle – a notorious and loud motorized bike

Kawasaki bicycleThis Kawasaki bicycle features a built in gas tank and an aluminum Skyhawk frame. In addition, it has a custom made exhaust and a 66cc engine. Just one glance at it and you know this is an awesome bicycle. It has its own speedometer, blinkers, a seat with suspension, and mirrors.

Despite its awesome looks, this Kawasaki bicycle offers an excellent performance. It’s loud, it’s different and it’s top speed is around 45 mph.

Now, most of these models require a license to be driven and we’re pretty sure that’s the case with this one. Check it out!

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