Kawasaki H2R & H2 – Most intimidating motorcycles of the century

Kawasaki H2RKawasaki H2R & H2 are not some awesome game-changers for Kawasaki; they are changing history of motorcycles in terms of speed and power – and that’s amazing.

These bikes are not only amazing but, sharp as well – and that’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it? The level of quality and finish are some of the highest that we’ve seen lately when it comes to production bikes – Kawasaki really did the right thing here with Kawasaki H2R & H2. Moreover, they don’t just look incredible but, they sound amazing, as well. Having the 998cc engine mated to a whopping huge supercharger is monstrous and let’s not forget that the Kawasaki H2R has aerodynamics winglets – what else can keep such a thing on the ground at high speeds, considering the power it possess?

Kawasaki H2R & H2 – Most intimidating motorcycles of the century

Now, there are bikes that are said to be something special and all the features and specifications are saying the same thing but, what is really needed for a bike to pass the test is, of course, a ride. If you don’t get on that bike and try it out for yourself, then you’re not going to find out much about it. Well, everything is taken care of in those terms already so, you may not be able to hop on that thing right now but, you can see and hear what the experience is like – check it out!