Ken Block drift – Hoonigan’s AWD at Irwindale Speedway!

Ken Block driftKen Block drift – Hoonigan’s AWD at Irwindale Speedway! The Hoonigans brought Ken Block to the final round of the Formula DRIFT 2012 season at Irwindale Speedway. Why? To run the infamous House of Drift course to see how his AWD Ford Fiesta HFHV would hang against the RWD drift world. And it didn’t go as smooth as you’d like. For those of you who are complaining that we’re posting old news, we didn’t have this blog until 2014, so we are sometimes posting old stories and videos.

Ken Block drift – Hoonigan’s AWD at Irwindale Speedway!

Smoke was billowing from the front tires of Ken’s AWD Ford Fiesta slash Gymkhana car. He was really trying hard to drift the Irwindale bank with an AWD car. And he was determined to make it work. According to Ken, many people associate Gymkhana with drifting, so he figured he might as well give the “House of Drift” a shot. Never mind that it is the most brutal course out of all seven stops of the FD series.

The real challenge was obviously drifting the big bank. The thing with drifting the bank with an AWD car is you really have to enter the corner fast enough to carry your momentum all the way to the next corner. The more you floor it the more the car wants to come off the bank.

These wheels are actually designed by Fifteen52 to break on impact with a very hard object, like a concrete K-rail. This is so that more crucial suspension parts are not compromised in the event of a crash and it’s a standard practice in motor sport. After destroying two sets of tires he was able to put down the run he was happy with. He finished the rest of the course in 4th gear. Check out this amazing performance and all that smoke!