Ken Block who ? Mustang writes a message on asphalt with a drift!

ken block whoKen Block Who ?  The question may be a bit ambiguous for those who still haven’t watched the video but, no worries you’ll get it in no time. What we have here is a Ken Block fan that has a message for him. Thus, he wrote it on asphalt.

There are few people in this world who haven’t heard of Ken Block or seen some of his videos. They are perfectly planned, truly depicting the automotive hooliganism that blends performance driving and stunt and takes them on another level. As there are different types of fans we’re prone to expect all sorts of things from mimicking to calling out Block in an extraordinary way. And when it comes to calling out in a unique way, we think we have a winner.

Ken Block Who ?

This Shelby GT500 driver is speeding around an empty parking lot with instructions written on sticky notes that cover part of his dashboard. Whining supercharger noises, burning rubber and the one of a kind V8 exhaust note and of course, a selfie are all part of the plan. In the end, the message ‘Ken Block Who’ is left etched into the pavement so salute the Gymkhana driver.

Planning, imagination and talent were definitely the top 3 things that were essential for pulling off the stunt and it’s worth it! Check out the Ken Block who message video below!

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