Ken Box Part 2 – Ken Block Gymkhana Parody


Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos are very popular, but let’s meet another cool guy called Ken BOX. This guy, in a tribute to the famous Ken Block and his insanely cool Gymkhana videos, has made the funniest Gymkhana recreation we’ve ever seen! Box is driving his Razor Crazy Cart 2014 and pushes the box from 0 to 12 mph, and he does that in unbelievable 6.9 seconds thanks to the 24-volt 200-watt motor. You are about to see something epic!

Things get messy when a Gorilla security guard in a Lamborghini wants to put an end to Box’s drifting action, and we can we can only sit back hoping that he will get away, at least he has the speed he needs.

We have nothing more to say, except well done Ken Box! Check it out…