This kid drifting is the greatest thing you’re gonna see today!

kid driftingThis kid drifting is the most awesome thing you’re gonna see today! Adam “Rubik” Zalewski is a Polish motorsport athlete. What’s particularly special about him is that he is still a teenager, and he’s already won numerous awards and has attended many competitions! Teach ’em while they’re young, right?

We have here an interesting video of a 12-year-old Adam behind the wheel of a BMW E36 drift machine. He was only 12 years old at the time of the shooting of the video in 2012. If you consider the fact that he started drift training in 2011, you will realize that this kid possesses a great talent.

This kid drifting is the most awesome thing you’re gonna see today!

Considering the fact that we know people who can’t parallel park and have been driving for years, this display is mighty impressive, indeed. Adam is very sweet and modest about his fame. He says that he is a normal teenager, like everyone else, he just has a passion and follows it. He goes to school and completes his homework and study tasks. Between school and training, he likes to read emails and browse the internet. Well, he’s got a huge fan base, that’s for sure. He is very popular in Poland, and even though he’s very young (16 years old) he is already getting used to being a public figure.

Polish motorsport athletes are distinguished by their talent and abilities. There are many Polish drifters, and people comment on this video that that’s how they do it. They start very young! 🙂 Check out the video of this youngster killing it in the video below. If this is truly only such a short period of training, imagine what a longer training regimen would result in. There’s no doubt about it, this kid is going places! Awesome kid drifting!