KK2 Goliath RC mud truck can tear up any terrain!

KK2 Goliath RC mud truckKK2 Goliath RC mud truck

in action is something everybody will enjoy watching.

Are you ready to see some insane RC action that’s pretty mind-blowing? We are too. This crazy RC that you’re about to see in the video, called KK2 Goliath is actually a ¼ Scale RC Mud Truck that has full set of capabilities to offer when rough terrain comes to mind.

KK2 Goliath RC mud truck – let the game begin

It weights around 35 pounds. And yes, for those of you who aren’t very much into the whole RC “art” that is one heavy Remote Control truck. The racing that you’ll see may be scaled but, it’s absolutely hard core. Don’t let the size foul you – the KK2 Goliath is born to dominate the off-road terrain as it is. Check the KK2 Goliath RC mud truck video below!