Lamborghini Huracáns sliding around in snow!

Screenshot_2Lamborghini Huracáns do know how the have fun in winter! Snow makes things look prettier. It’s just the way it is, even the ugly things with that white cover on look better. So when you already have something beautiful and add snow to the equation, you have a perfect match. That’s how the following video can be described.

Nevertheless, usually when it comes to cars snow means trouble. But, if one is careful enough and does things the smart way then there’s very little that can go wrong. So, you really don’t have to have some kind of a snowmobile or an off-roader to have fun in the snow and these Lamborghinis are the proof of that.

During the Lamborghini Winter Accademia, in Livigno, these guys decided to take their Huracáns out in the snow and have some serious fun there. Launches, donuts and drifts are all part of the wild action. Enjoy!