Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept Design – The Molot!

lamborghini motorcycleLamborghini Motorcycle concept design – will we see it hitting the streets in no time?

We can’t say that we don’t love Lamborghinis but, let’s be honest; we always see vehicles on 4 wheels coming out of their shops. Now, Lamborghini decided to do something a little bit different. This thing goes of 4 wheels and is as awesome as everything they have build so far.

I haven’t seen a motorcycle this stunning in quite some time. This is the 2015 Chak Motors Molot motorcycle concept designed by Lamborghini and it is completely outstanding.

With it’s unique body frame, this bike is unlike any other in the world. Moreover, we’re talking about a Lamborghini Motorcycle – we do believe that this company won’t make anything that is less that brilliant. Well, this Lamborghini motorcycle sure made the company stand out from the crowd. Shout out to the designers!

The futuristic bike also features an all LED light system, providing better visibility, response time, and high durability. Everything is up to date here, folks!

Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept Design – The Molot!

Another crazy thing about this bike is the engine. The Molot has a 999.8cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine. That will surely make the bystanders turn a head or two. Let’s not even mention those who will get hit by the adrenaline rush just by the sound of that engine.

Of course, as this is a Lamborghini motorcycle, they made it to be safe even if the rider is a risk-taker. Remember the PEBS? Well, if cars uses PEBS (Predictive Emergency Braking System), why can’t motorcycles?

Now, you can find the same system on this superbike along with blind spot sensor, LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System). In addition, you get built-in HD cameras (front and rear), and gyroscope to detect any anomaly in vibration and control.

Check the Lamborghini Motorcycle pictures below!

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