Larry Houghton’s Custom 1983 Honda CBX1000!!

1983 Honda1983 Honda

Larry Houghton, from Wiltshire, England is a true genius. Mostly known for building air-cooled V-twin choppers and a variety of eclectic machinery, enter the custom 6-Cylinder Honda CBX1000.

This bike is special on so many levels. Rather than follow tradition by making a tubular steel frame, Larry created a one-off aluminum spine frame, with a chunky backbone connecting the swingarm pivot, shock mounts and rear engine mounts.

Larry Houghton’s Custom 1983 Honda CBX1000!!

The front end was re-imagined and renovated into something different altogether. Using cantilever forks to provide the suspension duties, Larry has successfully pulled the 80s machine into the 21-st century, topping it off with a minimalist headlight assembly.

The fork and custom handlebars keep the bike’s front section clean and neat, and the edgy design keeps the bike as vile as it gets.

The bike also features Ducati 916 swingarm that is kept in place by a monoshock, with Brembo calipers on the list as well, alongside Marchesini rims and six exhaust pipes with fluid, flowing lines.

Check it out!

1983 Honda 1983 Honda 1983 Honda 1983 Honda