This is Amazing – LEGO V8 Pneumatic Engine!!

LEGO V8 Pneumatic EngineLEGO V8 Pneumatic Engine

Most of us played with Lego sets when we were kids, but doubt that any of us came up with something as cool and brilliant as this.

Although we’ve seen some pretty incredible Lego creations over the years, including this amazing Ford Flathead V8 and this Life size Lego car that runs on air, what you see in the video below is something that the lego-loving folks will adore and it’s equally impressive.

This is Amazing – LEGO V8 Pneumatic Engine!!

This Lego V8 engine is the creations of Liftingbricks, who is one of the big names in LPE building. The creation sure looks amazing and most definitely required vast mechanical knowledge and dedication to work on a project like this.

Check it out!