Liberty Walk Nissan Skyline – Unique creation!!!

Liberty Walk Nissan SkylineLiberty Walk Nissan Skyline – What a beast!!!

One thing is certain; you’ve never seen a Nissan Skyline like this before. Usually people who are passionate about their craft put parts of themselves in their creations and when it comes to cars the parts that are put in are the creator’s spirit and personality. The most obvious example of that is Kato’s “Kenmero” Skyline.

Kato’s personality is really apparent in his GC111 Skyline. The car looks like it has a splitter smile and playful face much like its owner does. Because we’re talking about Liberty Walk Nissan Skyline here, the car is, as expected, outlandish in the best possible way. It has kyusha styling and it’s modeled in Japanese shakotan. Now, add Kato and his crew who partnered with Mizuno Works – there was no chance that this couldn’t be awesome. It may upset those who believe in the factory-perfect look but, the truth is you can’t really stay mad at it.

Despite all the good work that folks at Mizuno Works have done when you look under the hood you realize that they’ve outdid themselves. An L28 now serves as a replacement for the factory L20 and due to all the machining wok and other parts the engine puts out some extra power and is a 3.1 – liter one.

Liberty Walk Nissan Skyline owner Kato Wataru Unique creation “Kenmeri”

Another thing about this Liberty Walk Nissan Skyline is that it sits pretty low – 5mm off the ground to be more precise. However, while it may be a headache to move around with it, it sure is one hell of a ride. Unique car, perfect looking, clean paint job, sounds so amazing, and much more! Waiting for more videos of this blue beast ! Check out this perfection, Enjoy!