Life Hack – 3 Ways To Take Off a Nut WITHOUT A Wrench!

Essentially, tools help to put together something or take it apart. Additionally, the “rules” for using them properly are quite simple. Screws call for a screwdriver.  Nails, a claw hammer. But, when it comes to nolts and nuts, the choice is not always as clear.

And even when it is, it so happens that the nut wrench you are looking for is not the right size or can’t be found anywhere around.  So, you’re in this highly frustrating situation where you really need to unscrew a bolt and you wish you had one of those hadny adjustable wrenches. So, what do you do? You have no choice but to fashion a makeshift wrench on your own with what you’ve got nearby.

In the video below, we’re checking out 4 different ways to twist off bolts and nuts in those kind of tricky situations. The life hacks shows do work easier and can be quite helpful when you don’t have the necessary tools around and even if you don’t have a wrench you can still get the job done.