Lifted Nissan 350Z goes for the off-road adventure!

Lifted Nissan 350ZLifted Nissan 350Z is off-roading. Wait, what?

If we ask you to think of 5 different off-road vehicles, chances are that a Nissan 350Z won’t come anywhere close to this list. Who buys himself a gorgeous 350Z and then takes in on the ‘dirt’? But, on the other hand, if you’re willing to modify it a bit and equip it with some nice big tires, then why not taking it any place in the world that you can think of?

Lifted Nissan 350Z goes for the off-road adventure

Supposedly, that’s what this guy had it mind. His lifted Nissan 350Z is taken for a bit of an adventure where the tires are forced to work their way through the terrain. ┬áCheck it out!