Light Rider – World’s first 3D printed motorcycle weights 35kg!

Light RiderLight Rider is the first 3D-printed motorcycle in the world and it’s awesome. After all, we already got the 3D-printed car, don’t we?
From medical prosthetic to home decor, aircraft interiors and robotic parts, 3D printing is what we see as the future of manufacturing. Since it launch in 2013, APWorkds, a subsidiary of Airbus Group, has worked at the forefront of ALM (additive layer manufacturing). It’s newest creation is the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle that weights amazing 35 kg.

Light Rider -World’s first 3D-printed motorcycle weights 35kg

Dubbed the Light Rider, this new creature of art has truly earn its name. This thing is 30 % lighter than other conventionally manufactured electronic motorcycles! A 6kW electric motor is powering it so, in 60 seconds, it can go from 0 to 80 km/h.
The design and manufacturing process have truly been revolutionized by 3D-printing and not only in terms of aesthetics and structure, bu also in weight savings on equipment and parts, compared to those products that are made by using conventional techniques. The Light Rider was developed by using an algorithm the keep weight at minimum while ensuring that the frame of the motorcycle is strong enough to handle the loads of weight and all kind of stresses of everyday driving scenarios. The end result of the hard work of the folks at APWorks is, as you can see, an organic exoskeleton rather than a machine. The design, however, was very deliberate.

The Light Rider may just echo the form of a conventional bike but, it really looks like some kind of a distant relative of today’s motorcycles. World’s first 3D printed motorcycle – Light Rider YouTube video below! Check it out!