Loading motorcycle fail – A guide on how not to do it!

loading motorcycle failLoading motorcycle fail – it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Usually there are two ways of loading a motorcycle or pretty much everything else: the right way and of course, the wrong way. This guy, in attempt to teach us how to load a bike properly, he does the exact opposite. He had it all figured out and his plan backfired in a really catastrophic way. So yes, his attempt came unstuck but, it’s just another lesson that life prepared for him.

Loading motorcycle fail – A guide on how not to do it

It’s also fair to mention that we was half-expecting that this attempt of his will fail but, a camera had to capture the moment, no matter whether it was successful or not. In addition, it’s pretty painful to see how he dumps the bike from a couple of feet up but, we hope he didn’t cause any serious damage. The guy wasn’t hurt but, we can’t say that for his pride- check it out! Loading motorcycle fail video below!